Warranty Request

Procedures for 1 Year Warranty Repairs

  1. BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR REQUEST, check to see if there is something that could be causing what APPEARS to be a warranty problem. Examples of this specifically are listed below. Be sure to read these examples carefully.
  2. Warranty items do not include cosmetic damage not noted on the Final Walk Through form.

Emergencies and who to call:

  • Emergencies causing immediate danger such as fire, call 911
  • Emergencies involving immediate electrical danger, call the utility company
  • Loss of A/C or heat is not an emergency. Rustico Homes recognizes this is a priority item and will prioritize repairs with vendors to have the A/C or heat working as soon as possible.

General maintenance matters are the responsibility of the homeowner, and will not be considered as a warrantable item. Reference your Limited Warranty Addendum for clarification of what is covered.

Rustico Homes is reliant upon contractor’s availability and materials and cannot schedule a repair on a day other than a business day.

For all repairs, it is the homeowners responsibility to communicate and schedule repairs directly with the vendor. Homeowner must be present during the repair to allow entry and discuss the repair.

The homeowner agrees that repairs can cause a mess, damage to other items, and an inconvenience. Rustico Homes is not responsible for damage, cleanup, or inconvenience.

Rustico Homes will not perform work on non-warranty repairs. If it is determined that a repair is not warranted, the homeowner will be responsible for paying any and all service fees associated with:

  • Any and all damages/repairs caused by someone or something, including but not limited to a homeowner, a person doing work on the home, homeowner installed items, movers, an animal, a visitor, a thief, or a vandal.
  • An act of nature that couldn’t have been predicted, prevented, and which no human is to blame.
  • A service call when no repair is warranted or covered as determined by maintenance staff, contractor, or professionals hired. Examples include but are not limited to: bad light bulbs, dirty ac filter, a tripped breaker, homeowner caused issues, operation error, bad batteries.
  • Plumbing stoppages or obstructions not caused by a defect in the plumbing.
  • Missed appointment charges.

For warranted items, please detail in the space provided below the nature of the item requiring attention. Be as specific as possible.

All warranty requests must be submitted via the warranty request form below. Verbal requests will not be accepted. Please refrain from calling the Superintendent.


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